5 Reasons Why The Apple Car Would Be a Gamechanger

It’s iPhone launch day. For an entire year, we have waited for the net entry in a line of the wildly popular smartphone. As a matter of fact, even with a lack of a headphone jack, the iPhone 7 series still sells more units than the competiton. So let’s imagine if this same success translated to an Apple Car? That would be something that couldn’t be matched by any car, with exception to new muscle car releases like the Camaro, Challenger and Mustang, and still those combined wouldn’t match the Apple Car. Granted we are talking about a $650-$969 smartphone compared to a car which, knowing how expensive Apple products can be, there might not be standing in lines for hours or even overnight camping in the mall parking lot, the Apple Car would be a game changer and here’s five reasons why.

Before I continue, Apple has more or less, axed the production of an Apple car and took more of a focus on software development for existing companies. Granted Apple makes pretty solid hardware, it doesn’t surprise me the idea was dropped. However, we never know with Apple.

  1. Consistent Production of Quality Products- Apple has a couple main things that keep them so popular. The quality of the build and user interface and the overall ease of use. The Apple Car would follow the same idea, with four wheels.
  2. An Unmatchable Intergrated Experience- In my opinion, everything from the iPhone to the iPad and Apple Watch feature connectivity easier than Android. Granted Android devices can me connected, Apple makes the process flawless and super easy. Dedicated apps to start the car, listen to your Apple Music playlist, and getting vehicle diagnostics without having to use third party software. I’d love to be able to start my car from the app on my watch, tv, iPod, phone, tablet laptop or desktop. Apple TV could be used with the monitors for passengers to keep the kids silent of road trips.
  3. An Already Established Brand- Apple wouldn’t need to do anything different from what they already do. Have an Apple event and show the technology and coolness of having the Apple Car, just like they do for their numerous other products.
  4. It Would Prompt Android, Google, and Microsoft to Push Their Own- This would open up a new class of vehicle, which we will dub, Smartcar. I’m not talking about the actual SMART car, but Android, Google and Microsoft would want to produce a vehicle primarily using their software and give Apple a run for its money. Each operating system has its own perks and this category would be beastly. Which leads to my next point…
  5. A New Category of Car- A category of car named “SmartCars” would offer a driver capabilities that are starting to be explored by automakers with Apple Car Play. What if your whole car could be fully integrated with your Apple devices?

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