Best Cars for Black Friday Shopping

So, after the traditional Thanksgiving festivities, another tradition begins which turns the “I’m thankful for’s,” to “Get out my way!” or “I was here first!” I’m talking about Black Friday, an unofficial holiday that replaces roughly seven hours of Thanksgiving day.

With that being said, the question of this post is what would be the best Black Friday vehicles. Granted the obvious answer depends on who is in the car and what each individual persons budget is. That could be answered very scientific! 

We will just use four women as our test group. If we calculate the height, weight and shoe size of each occupant in a group of the four women, multiply by each of their husband’s, their own, or both salaries over the course of twelve months and isolate the number for the month of November, and then take the square root of that number times twenty four and cross reference that final number to the Black Friday specials, we could determine that a Pacifica or Suburban would be the perfect answer. 

However, that would be boring, so here’s my list of cars perfect for Black Friday.

Chevrolet Suburban-

First of all, the Suburban rather large storage capacity. Second of all, it has seating and room for your shopping crew. Third of all, it’s quite comfortable if you ask me. 

Chevrolet Equinox-

Kinda the same as above, minus the third row. How I know? Just went shopping last night.

Bentley Mulsanne-

It’s a ultra-luxury sedan automatically, you get valet parking and ultra-comfort after your shopping expedition is over. 

Toyota Tacoma- 

Slammed to the ground to make parking easier. Seriously. Some of these boys got lift kits and as long as y’all coordinate, parking will be perfect.

Hellcat Challenger or Charger-

Perfectly impractical for Black Friday, but in the case that you have to get to that 5am sale and it’s 4:15am, either of these 707HP beasts will get you there…quick.

Lamborghini Gallardo or Huracan

I know what your thinking. Why would his fool pick a Gallarado or Huracan for his Black Friday Car of choice. It’s actually quite simple. Everyone would gawk at this, thus letting you take advantage and be the first for the deals. Either would just run distraction.


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