5 Vehicles that Make a Hummer Look Whimpy

The title for this post, contains massive levels of irony. I mean, how can any road going vehicle, outside of commercial vehicles, make the behemoth line of HUMMER SUVs look whimpy. 

Look at the history of HUMMER, for example. HUMMER or Humvee has been the weapon of choice for the military. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. Universe, the Governator and the Terminator, owned two of them. Bad Boys 2’s climactic end featured a H2 tearing through a shanty town. So how can another vehicle make a HUMMER look whimpy? Simple. They just take what the HUMMER does and add more. So here’s five vehicles that make a HUMMER look whimpy.


The Governator owned one of these as well. Granted these are widely considered to be more of a “commercial vehicle” and its overall size complements that title. However, when considering its off-road purposed suspension, adaptability to varying applications and military use, the Unimog can be compared to the HUMMER. 

Conquest Knight XV

Size-wise it dwarfs a HUMMER due to it’s massive presence weighing in at just under 7 tons, with a 145″ wheelbase and an overall length of 235.” The H1 is even tiny compared to the massive Knight XV. 

International MXT

With a gross weight of up to 14,500lbs and with “MXT” standing for “Military/Most Extreme Truck,” the MXT fits in this post. If you want a visual besides the picture above, take a H1 and inject it with massive amounts of steroids. 

Freightliner Sportchassis P2/4XL

Monster stats. 174″ wheel base. 110″ height. 262″ overall length. Cummins ISL9 engine pushing 350HP and 1050lbs-ft torque. The P2 and P4 XL are the largest trucks known to man. Granted these are luxury versions of the Freightliner commercial vehicles, these beasts move could probably move planets, let alone people. 


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