The Worst Car Mods Known to Man!

There’s alot of principles to life. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” “Wash your hands before you eat.” “If it sounds to good, it’s too good to be true.” Lastly, my personal favorite, “to each his own.” “To each his own” is probably the theme of this post,  because we are talking about the worst car mods, known to man. 

What you might think is pure beauty and amazing, might just look undoubtedly terrible. So here’s a list of the worst car mods.
Giant Rear Wing/Spoiler

The whole, general point of a wing/spoiler, is to generate downforce for the rear of the car. For example, in high speed situations, like exotic cars and racing cars, downforce is used to keep the car on the ground in high speed situations. With that being said, the Mack daddy of “Ricers,” the Honda Civic (non Si or Type-R) has no need for the giant, 10 foot wing on the rear of the vehicle. It has no functionality, plus it looks stupid…really stupid. 

Fake LED Lights

LED lights look absolutely epic, when applied properly. What do I mean by applied properly? I mean the eBay or Autozone kit, that emits a purplish LED that looks crappy. Fake LEDs are almost as annoying as someone using their hi-beams while they are riding behind you. 

Fake Chrome

Fender vents that come from the factory usually are fake, but are subtle enough to not look fake. However, when you go to Walmart and get all of the chrome pieces they have to offer, including the “ballers” emblem or the “V8” badge, you have officially over done it. Especially, when you have a relatively clean looking car and bombard it with fake chrome stuff. 

Spinner Hubcaps

This is one trend I’m glad died. Custom hubcaps already are bad enough, but spinning hubcaps? Spinning hubcaps are basically pinwheels, of less quality, attached to your wheels. But it gets worse. How does it get worse? It gets worse when one of the little spinner attachments, becomes a road ornament. 

Cheap Big Rims

Forgiato. DUB. Lexani. Asanti. Just a few of the names that come up when referring to big rims. These are like the most exotic of wheel brands. Usually seen in sizes exceeding 22 inches, these rims normally look pretty awesome, depending on the vehicle and setup. However, when you have large rims that look like knockoffs, don’t try and stunt. You don’t look cool…you just look like the bargain bin shopper, who acts like they got money. 

Body Kits

Body kits can improve the looks of some vehicles…back in 2001, during the genesis of “The Fast and the Furious.” Nowadays, body kits really aren’t worth a quarter. No performance value, no improvement to looks. Especially, when you have a lazy installer who leaves gaps or the body kit doesn’t work for the specific vehicle. The only exceptions are body kits like the Rocket Bunny and custom widebody kits that were professionally done. 

Spray Paint

I’m not even going to go too much into this one. Plastidip? Cool. Vinyl Wrap? Cool. Custom Paint job? Cool. Primer? Just get a paint job soon. Spray Paint? Spray Paint…umm. Next topic.

Fart Cans

This part is a normal car’s ascension to “Rice.” It’s almost like a rite of passage for rice. Unlike real exhaust, which improves the sound and performance of a vehicle, a fart can does none of that. A fart can is a fake muffler that makes a car sound unbelievably and unbearably worse. They are even cooler when the tip has been burned and has a bluish hue to it.

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