The Most Insane Group B Rally Cars

Most car fanatics know about Group B rally cars. It was more like a golden age/dark age of world rally car championships racing. These cars were engineered to be some of the greatest race Cars ever known to man. At the same time, they were the deadliest, or at least mode most lethal. With limited safety features and high horsepower, Group B cars were beastly. What happens when you take a Geo Metro and drop engine in it capable 600 plus horsepower and four wheel drive? 

Group B rally racing only lasted about four years between 1980 to 1986. All of these cars were marvels of engineering, but the deaths of a couple of drivers, and countless injuries and damage to the cars, put Group B to rest. However, that four-year period, has spawned some of the best race cars ever built. So here's another list for you, the most insane Group B rally cars ever built!

Ford RS200-

The RS200 is the one Ford that we all would love to see reincarnated. I personally think of it as a baby GT. The RS200 was capable of 444HP, although some of them saw near 600HP figures.

Audi Sport Quattro S1/E2-

Perhaps one of the most well known rally cars ever, the Quattro S1 and the E2 successor, where game changing cars, in the world of rally car racing. The E2 was capable of a monstrous 500HP.

Porsche 959-

Yes, there was a 959 rally car. With that being said, the Group B 959 was just a prototype. Porsche wanted to focus on technological advances for the 959, which didn't include the FIA's 200 car homologation requirement.

Mazda RX-7-

Like the Porsche 959, there was a Group B version of the RX-7, but it never saw the dirt of the Group B races. By the time the Group B version of the RX-7 was built, Group B was axed.

Lancia 037S-

The 037S was the successor to the legendary Stratos but the predecessor to the equally legendary Delta S4. It was supercharged, pushing 205HP, won about six races, and used kevlar in it's body panels.

Lancia Delta S4-

The Delta S4 was the successor to the 037 and one of the most known cars from Lancia. This monster, combined supercharging and turbocharging to compete.

Peugeot 205 T16-

Combine a mid-mounted turbocharged setup with four wheel drive and a compact vehicle, and you get the 205 T16. This lightweight, nimble car defined the Group B era.

MG Metro 6R4-

It's reputation as a best selling city car, was a far cry from it's Group B variant. He MG Metro 6R4 was a six cylinder, four wheel drive racer, which wasn't turbocharged like the competition. Even still, some versions of the Metro 6R4 broke the 400HP range.

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