Oldsmobile Could Still Be Alive Today

So the other day, while I was browsing the endless pages of the internet, I stumbled upon a few of Oldsmobiles concept cars. Now, I know what you are thinking. Oldsmobile has been dead since 2003. Outside of the glory days of the muscle car era in the 70′, Oldsmobile never produced any notable cars. By the end of Oldsmobile”s production, most of the vehicles were badge-engineered garbage and that GM should have put them out of their misery well-before they did. That is somewhat factual. Towards of the end of Oldsmobile’s life, the only notable cars were the Aurora, Bravada and…and…well, really outside of those two, there were no notable cars. Well, had Oldsmobile stayed around a little bit longer we may have been able to witness the resurrection of one of America’s oldest brands.

So in all of that intro, the only thing that was really discovered was that Oldsmobile might actually have been something better than it was before production shut down. I’m here to prove that some of the concept cars looked promising. Going back to early 90s, Oldsmobile had already made had several concepts including something a supercar potential. Had Oldsmobile stayed around for the days of the resurrection of the “muscle car,” Oldsmobile may have been a contender. Just think for a second, a revised Cutlass would have fit in just fine with the resurrected Camaro and Challenger of the late to 2000s. “442” or “OSV: Oldsmobile Special Vehicles” would have had the potential to rip the brand from it’s Grandfather car image. GM managed to do the same with Buick with it’s newer models, most notably the resurrected Regal.

Before I continue, the photos used in this post are for editorial use only. The credit for the photography goes to the original photographer. 

Here’s the lineup for Oldsmobile, based off of the best artist renderings and concepts I found. Also, keep in mind that, most of these concepts reek of 90’s and early 2000’s design.

First, was this rather stunning visual of a 442 Cutlass. The flagship muscle car.

Next, is what would have been their flagship sedan, the Aurora.

Now, we have the Profile Concept, which would have either replaced the Bravada, or been sold alongside the Bravada.

This would have also been a good look for the Alero, in two and four door iterations. This would have not only competed against the compact sedan market, it would have also competed in the sports coupe market, with the 442 or “OSV” treatment.


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