7 Games Inspired by the Fast and Furious Franchise

7 Video Games Inspired by the Fast and Furious Franchise

The Fast and Furious franchise shed a lot of light on the import seen back in the early 2000’s. As time has progress and the storylines for the movies advanced, the franchise has became the blockbuster we all know and love. Numerous movies have tried to copy but failed. However, one thing that hasn’t necessarily completely failed are various video game series’. With that being said, there were plenty of games that shined in the light of the Fast and Furious franchise. And while you may disagree with some of the games on this list, they atleast loosely definitely rode the wave. So here you go, 7 Games/Video Game Series Inspired by the Fast and the Furious franchise.

***Side Note: A lot of these descriptions are going to sound kind of similar. I mean, really, without the game being titled Fast and Furious, the main points of these games are street racing, customization, and back story. If you have played these games, you’ll understand, what I am talking about!***

Test Drive

[Image Source: Moby Games]

The cover for Test Drive, and yes I mean the 2002 version, not the other entries in the series, features a 69 Charger with a blower protruding out of the hood, which is eerily similar to Dom’s 69 Charger. Other than that, it’s underground street racing, which is the general premise of some of the Fast and Furious movies.

Need For Speed (Underground/2/Most Wanted/Carbon)

[Image Source: Moby Games]

These 4 entries in the Need For Speed franchise, came out during the rise of the Fast and Furious franchise. Although, Underground and Underground 2, sat a heavier focus on customization, the stories from Most Wanted and Carbon, which were more in-depth than we saw before, mirrored what we saw in the movie. New kid on the block, trying to make a name in street racing, taking down the king of the streets, and running with a crew.

Midnight Club Series

[Image Source: Moby Games]

The original game was about street racing, and has followed suit since. Once, Rockstar got licensing for real vehicles, Midnight Club offered some of the most in-depth customization, offered on video games. With that being said, isn’t Fast and Furious mainly about customization? You know, personalizing their cars?

Juiced Series

[Image Source: GameFAQs]

I believe Juiced 2, was the first game to include racing for pink slips. Outside of that, I can’t think of too much else.

Forza Horizon

[Image Source: Moby Games]

Forza Horizon, had Fast and Furious DLC. That’s why their on this list. Well, other than that, the racing merges the best of the Forza series, with an arcade experience. Some of the venues remind me of the original Fast and Furious’ race wars, and generally deep customization.


[Image Source: Pinterest]

One can argue that GTA5 borrowed some of the heist antics from Fast and Furious. Not saying that there is a direct correlation between GTA’s car customization and heists and Fast and Furious, but some of GTA’s heists feel like I’m playing the movie.


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