Ferrari Portofino Thoughts: Frankfurt 2017

Ferrari Portofino Thoughts Frankfurt 2017

Saying that the Ferrari Portofino is “entry level” is like saying the iPhone X 64GB model, is “entry level.” At $240,000, the Portofino is not a bargain, which reminds me of another supercar that was deemed entry level. See 540C: Entry Level Supercar, which despite the post being more than two years old, still applies here. The Portofino is nevertheless, a sharp looking car which follows in the footsteps of the California/T, and with a 591HP and 561lbs-ft of torque 3.9L Twin Tubro V8, it also passes the California/T as well. This post will highlight the design, and interior, as well as a few thoughts on the vehicle.

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[Photo Source: Automobile Magazine]

Ferrari Portofino Design

To me, the Portofino looks like the California got in a fight with a 812 Superfast, with the fight ending in a draw. Ironically, enough the design also reminds me of the Grotti Carbonizzare, from Grand Theft Auto 5/Online which is based on the California. What I’m trying to say is 1) the Portofino looks more a car in GTA, which is kind of backwards, and 2) the Portofino is another stunner from the streets of Maranello, Italy.

Point blank, the Portofino is what we expect from Ferrari, a beautifully, and flawlessly designed ride, that refines and takes over the “entry-level” Ferrari slot that was occupied by the California. The nose, which was probably the Achilles heel of the California looks odd, Basically, the Portofino is a California, with a membership to a gym that is not a planet fitness, and a few Botox injections.

The key differences between the Portofino and California/T are the body shapes, and other minor details. The Portofino’s body is more athletic, and more aggressive looking. Something that we expect from Ferrari, which has only had a few models to deviate from that standard (the first in recent memory being the 612 Scaglietti, and more recently the California). The California looks more awkward, and chunky looking to me. In other words, the Portofino looks like the runway model, while the California looks like looks a little chunky…still fairly sexy, but chunky.

[Photo Source: Automobile Magazine]

Ferrari Portofino Interior

The Portofino’s interior is typical Ferrari. It is luxurious for a supercar, but not overlooked or over the top. You do get a touch screen display, which is carryover from the California. To sum it all up, the Portofino’s interior is basically the same as the California’s. Nothing to different here.

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[Photo Source: Automobile Magazine]

Ferrari Portofino Thoughts

Like the GT4CLusso, which is a renamed Ferrari FF, the Portofino is nothing more than the California’s successor, with revamped sheet metal. Like the Romeo and Juliet quote that starts “What’s in a name…,” the Portofino is a Car with a different name, that we have already seen. Granted, the design is different, and we have a slight power increase, there’s not too much to talk about with this one. It’s still a fine piece of supercar machinery from Ferrari, and still the “entry level” Ferrari, just nothing too revolutionary or different to be bragged on.


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