Front Wheel Drive Explained

If you drive the following cars, it's probably front wheel drive... Honda Civic  Toyota Camry Chevy Impala Mercedes CLA Audi A4 ...and many more Front wheel drive is one of the most common platforms for most of today's autos. While RWD, 4WD and AWD offer their advantages, FWD or Front Wheel Drive, offers its distinct... Continue Reading →

SRT Durango…

In the automotive world, there are a lot of minds that breed insanity. Christian Von Koenigsegg and his brand, Koenigsegg, John Hennessey and HPE (Hennessey Performance Engineering) and my personal favorite, Ralph Giles and SRT (Street and Racing Technology). From the Viper to the Hellcat and Demon), SRT had taken the term " American Muscle"... Continue Reading →

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