About The Car Files

The Car Files: Thoughts of an Enthusiast, was started in February of 2015. It was an idea that has been forming for a couple years and has finally reached thuition. It is the culmination of now, 24 years, of an obsession with the automotive world.

Sound too businessy? I thought so.

The Car Files: Thoughts of an Enthusiast, is definitely an idea that took some time to form. I made this blog in order to accomplish a few goals. Number one is to actually have a forum where I can talk, rant, cry, complain or any other verb you can place there,  about cars. This allows me to talk junk about a certain car-related subject or promote, like, question or whatever. I even can make lists of favorite games and cars or whatever.

The second purpose of The Car Files is to give another viewpoint of the automotive world. It allows for people around the world to see another’s view on a subject pertaining to cars. The blog allows me to connect with people and I do respond to comments so feel free to comment your view and we can discuss or enlighten each other. Also, if you don’t like what I have to say, comment. I don’t delete, I’ll fire back it necessary.

The third purpose is to provide a new outlet for car related news with an atypical approach. On The Car Files, you won’t find all strictly business information. Often times, these posts are informal. I want you, the reader, to feel like we are having a conversation more so than a lecture.

All in all. The Car Files: Thoughts of an Enthusiast, is something I want to make bigger than just a blog site. The ultimate dream is to become an authority to the industry. In other words, this is the only beginning. Stay tuned and I try not to disappoint. Who knows you might see things a way that is different from what you usually see.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read my “About The Car Files” section and thank you for viewing, The Car Files: Thoughts of an Enthusiast. Enjoy.

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