Bugatti CEO Considering Galibier Production and That Would be Epic

Even with all of the strife surrounding Dieselgate, Bugatti's CEO, Wolfgang Durhiemer, is considering building the Galibier (a four door Bugatti sedan) alongside the Chiron or as the future Chiron replacement. This car, whether it's name Galiber or something else, would definitely be a benchmark for the and four door vehicle, let alone Bugatti.  The Galibier... Continue Reading →

Risky Proposition: FCA to Focus on SUVs and Trucks.

Fiat-Chrysler's CEO, Sergio Marchionne, announced last week that his company will shift their production and sales focus to SUVs and Trucks, more so than their passenger cars. If I could compare this decision to something, it would be like the fictional comic book character, Tony Stark's decision to fall away from Stark Industries focus on... Continue Reading →

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