Bugatti CEO Considering Galibier Production and That Would be Epic

Even with all of the strife surrounding Dieselgate, Bugatti’s CEO, Wolfgang Durhiemer, is considering building the Galibier (a four door Bugatti sedan) alongside the Chiron or as the future Chiron replacement. This car, whether it’s name Galiber or something else, would definitely be a benchmark for the and four door vehicle, let alone Bugatti. 

The Galibier would be welcomed regardless. It would be in Bugatti’s best interest to build alongside the Chiron but it would do the trick as a replacement too. 

While it might be higher on the practicality scale to build an SUV to run with the Bentayga or SVR Range Rover, or even a supercar for the masses, Bugatti doesn’t really need to whole line of vehicles or even a high volume seller. They have survived with the litany of Veyrons so the only thing a few more models will do is add to the profit margin. 

In order for the Galibier to make the noise that it needs to, the same 1500HP W16 that moves the Chiron would be the prime choice. Of course, a detuned version wouldn’t be bad at all. AWD is also a must and speeds exceeding 245-250mph, have to be standard for it to be a Bugatti. The hard part is going to be what Bugatti does in the way of aerodynamics and other little goodies that helped the Veyron and now Chiron achieve outrageous speeds. The concept Galibier doesn’t look like the type of car to be more about active aerodyamics, race-spec adjustable suspension and supercar like tuning, but then again Bugatti chopped the roof off of a Grand Sport and it still ran over 250mph.

I’m just glad to know that the Chiron might just have a stablemate. Then again, how much would the Galibier cost. Realistically, a couple million dollars for a four door sedan isn’t crazy, but at the same time, I’m not sure if I want my seven year old son and one year old daughter having snack time on a short Saturday trip. We already know the Galibier would have to have Rolls Royce materials on crack, to be taken seriously.

However, at the end of the day, a four door Bugatti would be the most epic car to roam various streets, garages and collections since cars like the Regera, Veyron and the likes. Not because it’s a Bugatti, however…

It’s because it’s a Bugatti, with four doors!!! Not to mention, exorbitance it’s worth more than practicality.


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