Bugatti CEO Considering Galibier Production and That Would be Epic

Even with all of the strife surrounding Dieselgate, Bugatti's CEO, Wolfgang Durhiemer, is considering building the Galibier (a four door Bugatti sedan) alongside the Chiron or as the future Chiron replacement. This car, whether it's name Galiber or something else, would definitely be a benchmark for the and four door vehicle, let alone Bugatti.  The Galibier... Continue Reading →

Super Sedans! [Updated]

Got another to add to the list... Piggybacking off of last weeks, 8 of the Most Powerful Cars I've Seen post, this week I'm posting some of my favorite super sedans I've seen since starting The Car Files. This list consists of foreign luxury sport sedans, with exception to the one from America (sans Hellcat Charger). I'll... Continue Reading →

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