#Trackhawk [Updated]

I thought that a Hellcat version of the Grand Cherokee would be extremely cool. In the days of electric vehicles and "green" cars, it's generally refreshing to know that someone, somewhere is still pushing high performance and big engines. Apparently, someone from Jeep read the post where I compared super-SUVs and decided to pitch the... Continue Reading →


To Buy or Not to Buy? Rebuilt/Salvage Titles

If your like me, you have a tendency to randomly roam Craigslist for everything from cars to motorcycles and anything else with an engine. So let me give you a scenario. You run a general search for various cars. Not looking for anything specific, you come across the typical overpriced cars that are on their... Continue Reading →

Badge Engineered Fails

Going off of my Badge Engineering Explained post, here are some cars that are the epitome of badge engineering. There are way more cars that explain badge engineering to a tee, so drop the comments. Aston Martin Cygnet/Scion iQ- Aston Martin. The makers of the DB5, Vanquish, One-77, Vantage, Rapide and more. James Bond's weapon of choice. Scion.... Continue Reading →

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