The Beauty of a Ferrari

So today brought a couple revelations to me. For one, never be afraid to chase your dreams. They are your dreams and even though people may not support or see you dream, keep chasing them. There will be plenty of doubters, even some close to you, but don't stop until you reach them. Luckily for... Continue Reading →

Just a Thanks

I created my blog and every social media site, to not only give my views of the automotive world, but to connect people who have my affliction, my passion. Whether you design, work on or even obsess over cars, I doesn't matter. We all have one passion that connects us all. Yes, this page is... Continue Reading →

New Logos #thecarfiles

So...thanks to a clever design, a couple of months of waiting and the official graphic designer for The Car Files, King Lo (Twitter Account), we now have new logos.     It's official now...#thecarfiles. Here's some more of the official logos for The Car Files.          The Car Files- Thoughts of an Enthusiast    

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