The Final Agera

The legendary Koenigsegg Agera. Its debut in 2011, marked the end of the CCX-era and the beginning of the Ag-era (no pun intended). The Agera, including its several special editions, all managed to do a few things besides looking pretty, in a Sheik from Abu-Dhabi’s garage. The Agera is like a lion in the jungle. When you see one on National Geographic and admire its beauty, when It stalks, chases down its prey and kills its prey, you recognize its beastly nature and admired that just as much. 

The Agera has finally reached the end of its life cycle with 2016 marking the end. The Agera will be missed and with a final special edition in the works, it will be missed even more. So instead of boring y’all with a long history of the Agera, I’m going to list my favorite Koenigsegg Ageras since its birth in 2011.

I would give descriptions and all that, but the Agera speaks for itself.

5. Agera R BLT- 


4. Agera X-


3. Agera R-


2. Agera RS-


1. Agera One:1-




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