Lotus is Profitable: What’s Next?

Lotus has been around for 68 years and has struggled with profitability. With $168 million dollars in debt and CEO Jean-Marc Gales three year turn-around plan, Lotus is poised to hit a profitable financial year. They have increased revenue from an expanded dealer network and a focus on engineering lightweight and benchmark handling sports cars.... Continue Reading →

The Rolls Royce Vision Next 100: Future Luxury

Normally, when an automaker decides to create a futuristic vision concept, I low key puke in my mouth. While the future is not set and there is no fate but what we make, most futuristic concepts aren't the most appealing. The exceptions to the rule are the Audi RSQ concept which was the star in... Continue Reading →


Supercars are masterful pieces of engineering. This quintet of supercars, yield varying results. These are a few of the many oddities that call themselves supercars. This is a short post, so enjoy! Venturi Atlantique Oddity Reason: A French Supercar? And it's not a bad car whatsoever. It's reception was not like it was intended, despite... Continue Reading →

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