Gallardo Vs. Huracan: Battle of the Bulls

Here’s another quick post for today. This one is going to be a quick breakdown of two Lamborghinis. 

The Gallardo was the original everyday Lambo. It retained the same styling from prior flagship Lamborghinis, while offering a more liveable package. Built between 2004 and 2014, with 2 generations, the Gallardo moved over 14,000 units, making it the best selling Lambo of all time.

Piggybacking off of the formula that made the Gallardo successful, the Huracan adds new heat. Stylistically, it shares design cues from the Reventon (which most Lamborghinis have since) and keeps the Gallardo’s size. It’s moved over 2000 units since 2014 and seeks the Gallardo’s crown. 

Lamborghini Gallardo

  • Powered by a 5.0L V10 (even firing) from 03-08 and a 5.2L V10 (odd firing) from 08-14
  • Mostly AWD, with exception to the Valentino Balboni which was RWD
  • Had too many special editions to count, which means varying 0-60 times, horsepower and torque numbers
  • Little known fact: it was actually the replacement for the Cala concept which replaced the Jalpa which was discontinued in 1988
  • No SV (Super Veloce) for this one, Super Trofeo and Superleggera
  • E-Gear which makes shifting faster than what can be done with a manual
  • Named after fighting bull…[surprise]

    Lamborghini Huracan

    • 5.2L V10 from the Gallardo
    • AWD with exception to the 580-2 which is detuned and RWD only
    • Of course it’s named after a fighting bull
    • It was the cover car for Forza Horizon 2
    • Like its predecessor, it’s pretty high tech with Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS), Adaptive Network Intelligent Management (ANIMA), and Lamborghini Piattaforma Inerziale (LPI) just to name a few
    • 602HP and 413lb-ft of torque with exception to the 580-2, which has 572HP and 393lb-ft
    • Current 0-60 times range between 2.8-3.4 seconds
    • Like the Gallardo, the Huracan shares components which the Audi R8

    Here’s a few more pics:



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