Before Tesla, There Was…

To those of us who don’t have a clue about who made the first electric car, this post is for you. To the rest of us who thought that the GM EV1 and the Tesla Roadster were the prequel to today’ influx of battery powered rides, this post is also beneficial. Granted some of these cars didn’t really catch on, if at all, they still we the six of the beginning electric vehicles. 

While I could have thrown in some hybrids, I wanted to try to keep the ICE out of the mix but, that may not apply to some of these cars. Also, seeing as their weren’t too many electric vehicles from post WWII til now, some of these names and cars probably were never heard of.

Before I begin, I won’t do anything special with descriptions and explainations. Just look them up and comment if you find some others.

Woods Motor Vehicle Company Dual Power Model 44 Coupe


Zagato Zele- …really


Fritchle Electric

Ford Ecostar



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