Cars for the Organized Crime Boss

So when we see these movies and TV shows with gangster style crews, and no I’m not talking about the the neighborhood thug,  they often times have cars that fit the crew. For example, Tony Montana had his Sunbeam Tiger and BMF (Black Mafia Family) had their armada of exotic cars. So, I asked some of my coworkers what they would pick for their fleet, if they were the boss of all bosses.

Money isn’t an issue, so I had them pick the cars their personal rides first.

Brian: 56 Chevy or Maserati Gran Turismo
Reasons: The Chevy for it’s intimidation and class and the Gran Turismo for it’s sleek body and speed.
Notable Comments: He would always wear a suit while driving the 56. Why? Because, suits can make a man more intimidating.

Kylisha: Cadillac Escalade
Reasons: An Escalade shows the fact that your are powerful person, but it also can blend in with the flow of traffic.
Notable Comments: The Escalade could be modded into a mobile office, so you can keep up with your crew.

Corey: Hummer H1 or Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG
Reasons: They are big, all-terrain vehicles. The G-Wagen gives a little more kick with the AMG model.
Notable Comments: The H1 if he lead a Cartel. The G63 if he was a mafia don. Both would be murdered out.

Christa: Ford Expedition EL
Reasons: The Expedition is big and offers massive protection, should you go the bulletproof route.
Notable Comments: Why not ride like you work for the FBI?

Eric: Buick LaCrosse
Reasons: It’s big and expensive. It also offers luxury without being too flashy. Of course, add bullet resistance.
Notable Comments: This has to be the most modest choice on the list, but the Lacrosse can step over a 50k price tag.

Raheem: Maybach and Lamborghini Veneno
Reasons: Because…he’s a boss!
Notable Comments: With the flashiest cars on the list, the Maybach is to be chauffeured and the Veneno is for driving.

And then there was Sabrina, with her car which we will call “Ghost Rider,” with a button that makes the car go opaque. And her reason? Because…she’s cool like that…

Now I had them pick the cars their crew would drive. The only rule was that they wouldn’t want their foot soldiers riding in Lambos. This is where stuff gets funny…

The list goes in the same order as above but the reasons and notable comments were one in the same.

Honda Accord– Conformity. Everybody has an Accord…or atleast it seems like everybody does.

Dodge Charger– Also conformity, but mainly because people would think your a cop when you have black, grey or white ones.

Audi S8- It’s a car for the businessman and it’s class as well. The S8 is also powerful which may make you feel like the Transporter.

Ford Expedition- …For the bodies…

Cadillac Escalade- Might as well let the crew ride clean. I mean, the crew can be a representation of the Boss.

Mustang/Camaro/Challenger- Their muscle cars. While the conformity is there, the getaway is quicker. 

Dodge Challenger/Charger Hellcats- When the struggle is real. Not to mention, this is he same guy who picked a Veneno and Maybach.

Dodge Grand Caravan- Because nobody gets in trouble in a minivan…

And then there was Sabrina, with her car which we will call “Big Toe.” Long story short, her foot soldiers would have their feet and whatever pair of shoes they want, but they can buy their own cars. She doesn’t front the rides!



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