Supercars are masterful pieces of engineering. This quintet of supercars, yield varying results. These are a few of the many oddities that call themselves supercars. This is a short post, so enjoy!

Venturi Atlantique
Oddity Reason: A French Supercar?
And it’s not a bad car whatsoever. It’s reception was not like it was intended, despite its Ferrari and Porsche killing reputation. It just failed to catch on. Had the reception been different, the supercar world might have been different. 

Shelby Series I
Oddity Reason: Shelby/GM collaboration.
If Carroll Shelby was still alive, he’d probably look back at this car and say to the critics, “Put some Respeck on my name!” Although, the 4.0L Northstar V8 wasn’t bad, considering the fact that I owned an Olds Aurora, it wasn’t the proper fit for a Shelby.

Mitsuoka Orochi
Oddity Reason: …just naw bro…
World’s ugliest supercar. Need I say more?

Cizeta V16T
Oddity Reason: 16 Cylinders in a Streched Diablo
Here’s an idea. Let’s take a Lamborghini Diablo, drop two V8 engines in it, which combine to make a sixteen cylinder and make it kind of ugly. Cool idea, terrible execution.

Lister Storm V12
Oddity Reason: Aventador pricing in 93
Not to say the Storm was a bad car. Not to say the Aventador is a bad car. Not to say the Aventador is overpriced, but the Storm V12, on the other hand, was $350k in 93. The McLaren F1 is the only car that’s allowed to have that price.



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