5 Cars That Want to Kill You

We all know supercars to be extremely brash, extremely fast, and extremely expensive. When names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Bugatti are mentioned, drool starts running out of mouths worldwide. However, there is a dark side to some of these cars which represent the opulence of their respective owners. So here is a list of supercars that want to kill you. 

Zenvo ST1

So there was an episode of Top Gear, where the Zenvo ST1 was reviewed and ran around the test track? Remember the fact that it also caught fire? Yup, I think that justifies its feature in my post.

Ford Mustang GT/GT500
Other than its monstrous power and it’s popularity and loyalist drivers, it seems as if you see more videos of it spinning out and wrecking at car meets/shows, than most other cars. Not talking trash about the Mustang, just questioning the abilities of SOME owners.

TVR Cerebra Speed-12

Had the Cerebra Speed-12 been ok’d for production, it would have made the McLaren F1 now to its impressive power. With 1000HP, it was a monster. It was so monstrous that it was cancelled. Why? The owner at the time, Peter Wheeler, deemed the car unusable on the road for its sheer power. 

Bugatti Chiron

The Chiron is the new heir to throne that Bugatti has dominated for the past few years does not have nothing to do with its incredible power. Has nothing to do with its deathly roar. Not even the fact that it is expected to exceed the 250mph. It’s price-tag is the real killer. $2.5 million to be exact.

Nissan GTR

Remember Godzilla Vs. Clarkson? When Jeremy Clarkson tested the GTR he was amazed at how the R35 GTR was a major improvement over the R34. He was also amazed at the amount of G-forces the GTR can produce. He also discovered how many G-forces it takes to obliterate your neck, which resulted in him having to be pulled off of the track in a hospital.


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    1. While that is a valid statement, this post was aimed at the characteristics of these cars, e.g. the power of the Cerebra Speed 12 and the incident on Top Gear where the Zenvo caught on fire.



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