Lotus is Profitable: What’s Next?

Lotus has been around for 68 years and has struggled with profitability. With $168 million dollars in debt and CEO Jean-Marc Gales three year turn-around plan, Lotus is poised to hit a profitable financial year. They have increased revenue from an expanded dealer network and a focus on engineering lightweight and benchmark handling sports cars. They also reduced the amount of staff to 900 worldwide. So the comback is real. 

Lotus Evora
Before I continue, did anybody really know that Lotus hasn’t been turning a profit since its inception, 68 years ago?

I didn’t but that’s all beside the point. Now that Lotus is turning a profit, they can afford to splurge on a couple more models. So here’s a list of what cars Lotus can produce with their new found cash flow!

This list is more fantasy than anything. Lotus and Jean-Marc Gales wouldn’t have gotten this far being stupid. However, if they went stupid with their new money.

Lotus Esprit

Lotus Esprit

While the Evora is an awesome vehicle, the return of the Esprit would launch Lotus into Huracan/488 GTB territory. The name plate is already known, so why not resurrect it?


Yes, I’m talking about a Carlton successor. I’d say they would want to build it, to compete with the 3/4-Series and the Guilia but a 5-series fighter isn’t to far out of the question.

Lotus Carlton

Small CUV

A small lightweight CUV would add value and profitability to Lotus. Seeing as the market is demanding small CUVs, a Elise inspired model would work perfectly and make it more performance oreinted.

Sub Elise

It would be the main volume seller. Something that would be slotted well under $30k but offer the same Lotus experience, on a budget. 

Hybrid Supercar 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a gas/electric Lotus would be epic. It would be a complete long shot, in the grand scheme of things. If Hennessey can take an Exige, stretch it, and make it run faster than a Veyron, Lotus could atleast give the holy trinity a run for their money.

Hennessey Venom GT



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