2017 Camaro 1LE: Chicago Auto Show ’16

Just when we thought the #CamaroSix couldn’t get better, it did. This month’s major auto show, in Chicago, brought the emergence of the new 2017 Camaro 1LE, the track focused Camaro.

Arriving in late 2016, the 1LE package is available with the 1 and 2LT trims and the 1SS trim. This means that the 1LE, for the first time in the Camaro’s history, is available with a V6 engine. Both 1LE models come with distinctive styling and other track performance oreinted parts such as Brembo brakes (4 piston front V6, 6 piston front V8), Goodyear Eagle F1 tires, and a track cooling package with engine, transmission and oil coolers. Both come with Recaro racing seats, PDR video/data recording and a manual transmission.

The 1LE V6, like I mentioned before is the first of the 1LE family. The 3.6L V6, cranks out 355HP and has been reported to match the last generation SS V8 model’s lap times. The FE3 suspension, which comes from the Camaro SS, adds to the efficiency of the already potent 1LE V6. It has a curb weight of 3500lbs, which helps it match the previous generation’s numbers. The 1LE V6 comes with a 3.27 ratio, mechanical limited-slip differential, the Camaro SS’s fuel system, and other exclusive features.

The 1LE V8 does what the 1LE V6 does…just a lot better. The 1LE/SS comes with Magnetic ride control, the 455HP 6.2L LT-1 V8, an electronic limited slip differential with a 3.73 ratio, and other goodies. 

Here’s a little fun fact about the 1LE trim for you. Quotes from Chevrolet’s website:

FAST FACT: The 1LE package was developed in 1988 to make the Camaro more competitive in Showroom Stock road racing series and officially debuted in 1989. Four examples were reportedly built in 1988; with 111 built in 1989. The 1LE package was also featured on fourth-gen vehicles through the 1999 model year, returning to the fifth-gen Camaro in 2013.

Not to many number are known yet, performance wise. We just know that the 1LE, will be a beast. I expect the 1LE to show us what Chevy is capable of, before the next ZL-1 and/or Z/28 grace the streets. I wouldn’t put it past Chevy, to produce 2.0L turbo 1LE depending on the success of the V6 and V8 1LEs. Expect a more in-depth reviews in the coming months. 



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