2016 Toyota Prius: The Short Throw #gopriusgo

 So normally, “The Short Throw” features high end luxury cars, concept cars or performance cars. This weeks “The Short Throw” features one of the most common cars known to man and one of the first mainstream hybrids. The Toyota Prius! Why did the Prius make the cut for this week over the Camaro 1LE, Jaguar i-Pace, or the Tesla Model 3? Because it is the perfect getaway vehicle!

Ok so maybe the Super Bowl ad was outlandish at best. I mean if I have a choice between a WRX-STi, Focus RS, Camry SE and the Prius, I’d probably look at the Focus or the STi before I’d look at the Camry SE. The Prius wouldn’t even come close to the final selection. However, Toyota cleverly advertised a known “boring” car and made it more of a celebrity than it has really ever been. I doubt that, people of all ages, have a Toyota Prius on their dream car list. I mean, he’s a Prius may have an advantage in a police chase. If you needed to sneak around sleeping cops in a roadblock formation or needed to blend in really well, you wouldn’t have too much of an issue. Not to mention, running out of gas wouldn’t be an immediate issue either.

2016 BMW M4 GTS- The Short Throw

The 2016 Prius has a 1.8L four banger with an electric motor, which combine for a whopping 121HP. CVT transmission, FWD and it gets pretty decent gas mileage for the bank robbers worldwide. In the city you get 54 city and 50 highway and if your lucky enough to have or come across a Prius Eco, those numbers change to 58 and 53 respectively. That may not be achieved while zipping through the city to avoid police, but when you enter cool down mode, you might see this. For 30k you can get the top level, Prius Four Touring, so you can run from cops on style. This all sounds like the perfect combination for not only a perfect getaway vehicle but the most epic ride ever…that’s like saying eating brussel sprouts is the best thing to do on a snow day.

Maybe the Super Bowl commercial was over-dramatized with the police chase, kids wanting model Priuses, game shows, woman wanting the bank robbers due to the Prius, and the fact that these four robbers, were made cooler due to the Prius, but thank you Toyota. You have not only made Prius owners proud but you basically gave us more entertainment than the Super Bowl, which is another post, for another time, for another blog.

The link below is to the Prius’ Super Bowl 50 Ad. Toyota…the next time y’all decide to make a Super Bowl ad, can y’all use the FR-S or give us a Supra and then use the same dramatics? It would be greatly appreciated.

2016 Toyota Prius Super Bowl Ad- The Longest Chase



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