2016 Ford Focus RS: The Short Throw 

Between 1992 and 1996, Ford built the indomitable Ford Escort RS Cosworth. This was not only one of the coolest Ford Escorts ever built, (with exception to the lifted Mary Kay model on The Car Files’ Instagram), but it was one of the coolest “hot hatches” of all time. Fast forward to 2016 and past a plethora of Focus RS’, and we reach the 2016 Focus RS which unlike its predecessors, is finally available in the U.S of A. Which leads me to write the newest edition of The Short Throw. Enter the Focus RS.

The Focus RS is powered by the 2.3L I4, like what is found in the Ecoboost Mustang. This means turbos and efficiency but, this also means the Focus RS is a high powered weapon. Unlike the 320HP found in the Mustang, the Focus RS pushes out 345HP. This power is routed to all four wheels, via Ford’s new Torque Vectoring All Wheel Drive. The Focus RS also has upgraded suspension and brakes with launch control and an aerodynamics package, which pushes the RS far away from standard Focus trim levels. This all works to produce a sub 5-second 0-60 time and a near 13 second quarter mile. 

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The RS also has various drive modes to fit any situation. Want to just try to drive like a normal person? Select the “normal” mode. Want to turn your local town or city into Gymhana? Select “drift” mode. Of course, there are sport and track modes in case you can’t handle being Ken Block.

My opinion on the new Focus RS is…well damn Ford, it’s about time. The Focus RS has been in Europe for a pretty long time and it started gaining some steam within the past few years. The Focus RS has finally arrived on American soil and it has taken over the Internet and the sport compact market. Unlike  its predecessors, the 2016 Focus RS is a five door model which add versatility and it looks like the ultimate sleeper. Competition wise, the Impreza WRX, Golf R and Civic Type-R will have their hands full with this screaming got hatch. 

I managed to play with the configurator on Ford’s website and while the Focus RS starts at $36k, it can easily reach $45k with a few added accessories. 

The Focus RS is definitely a game changer. The competition will definitely have a hard time going up against it and Ford has made the perfect move in bringing it stateside. I just can’t wait for the comparison tests on the horizon. It’s going to be interesting to see who is going to be able match this beast. It’s also going to be interesting to see the wannabe Ken Blocks wrecking these beauties.



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