2017 Lamborghini Centenario: The Short Throw 

Ferruccio Lamborghini​ would have turned 100 years old this year. 
Now, before I continue, when regular people die, we get throw in a box, with only faint memories and final expenses to remember us by. When celebrities die, they might get a huge funeral, with all of the big names present. They might also get TV specials of their movies or music and tribute stuff. Of course, if your Ferruccio Lamborghini, who would turned 100 this year, you get a whole car dedicated to you in your honor. In this case, the $2 million dollar, Lamborghini Centenario.

Based on the Averador’s V12 architecture, like the other ultra exclusive Lamborghinis, the Centenario is probably a ride Ferruccio Lamborghini never saw coming, but is proud to have bearing his name. The V12 produces 759HP making it the most powerful production engine produced by Lamborghini. To put it into perspective, the Aventador SV has 740HP. The Centenario runs 0-60 in 2.8mph, 0-186 mph in under 24 seconds, and we can imagine a 220+mph top speed. 

Design-wise, the Centenario looks like a speeding, carbon fiber, snarling beast that eats other supercars for a midday low calorie snack. Unlike the last ultimate Lambo, the Veneno, the Centenario stays true to Lamborghini design. Sharp angles and aggressive looks, let you know this is a Lambo. The rims are functional as well as beautiful to look at. They help funnel air to help cool the brakes and they are massive 20″ front, 21″ rear rims. The shapes and angles used follow suit with current Lamborghini design trends and the general look of the Centenario is extreme.
From tractors to the Centenario, Ferruccio Lamborghini​’s dream has seen ups, downs and everything in between. The Centenario is a celebration of one man’s dream turned into reality. Be sure to check back here for a more in depth review of the Centenario coming soon. Seeing as the short throw is supposed to be short, I’ll get back with y’all another time.


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