Chiron Season: New Bugatti

How do you top the Bugatti Veyron? We are talking about the worlds fastest car. One of the  most advanced vehicles, known to man. The 1200HP Goliath, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, reaches 267mph and it’s roofless counterpart, Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse at 253mph. The Veyron was thought to never be topped. The Hennessey Venom GT, SSC Ultimate Aero and others, have tries to snatch the crown from the Veyron and while they weren’t incapable of amazing power and speed numbers, they still couldn’t match. So again, how do you top the Veyron? With…the Chiron.

If we thought 1200HP, 267mph Veyron was extreme, the Chiron is like a Veyron, pumped up on steroids and beaten daily for six years. The Chiron is supposed to produce 1500HP, 1180lbs-ft of torque, 0-60 in less than 2.5seconds, AWD and a top speed in excess of 250mph from the two-stage quad turbo W-16 engine. That’s right this produces as much horsepower as two Lamborghini Aventadors and a Mazda 2. It produces as much torque as two Dodge/SRT Vipers (less 20HP) and defense moves up on the list of the quickest acceleration.

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There is a list of new technology going into the Chiron includes a Bugatti developed two-stage turbo system, catalytic converters that are six time larger than the ones found in your Camry, and a chassis and braking system that rivals some of the most technologically advanced race cars. 

As much extreme power as the Chiron is set to produce, it also features some extreme luxury and tech inside and out. 

For one, the front Bugatti emblem is covered in gemstone, carbon fibre exterior, and of course, a extravagantly made instrument cluster with three TFT Screens and premium metals used. Titanium exhaust, various handling modes, LED lighting (with a beautifully designed single piece tail light…really beautifully designed) and a one-carat diamond in the four tweeters. The Chiron definitely takes extravagance to levels never seen before. 

Want one? $2.5 million, my friend. Also, only 500 will be made and roughly 160 have already been claimed. 

The Bugatti Chiron makes some impressive claims and seems to be the perfect replacement for the mighty Veyron. Should these claims turn into facts, the Chiron might just become a Hypercar god. Just think about it. Not the Holy Trinity, but the Holy Quartet. Will it top the Veyron? Who knows? When the Chiron hits the driveways and garages in the fall, we will really get to see what this beast will do. Until then…the wait is on…





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