The Beauty of a Ferrari

So today brought a couple revelations to me. For one, never be afraid to chase your dreams. They are your dreams and even though people may not support or see you dream, keep chasing them. There will be plenty of doubters, even some close to you, but don’t stop until you reach them. Luckily for me, I have a supportive wife who understands my visions. She’s been my rock and seemingly my number one fan. She understands why I am writing this blog and when she reads this, thanks baby!!!

That’s was the motivational part. Now for the blog.

Ferrari. Most of us see them on blog pages, Facebook, Instagram or wherever. They are very visually stunning and captivate the masses. However, the true experience comes when you are hovering over one, trying not to drool. Whether it is nostalgia or just pure shock and awe that you are standing next to hundred thousand dollar plus rides, a Ferrari’s true beauty, presence and essence comes with a physical encounter. 

I had the opportunity to virtually explore a Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche dealer today and this made me completely view the Ferrari brand is a completely different way. They had the Ferrari F12berlinetta which, long story short, is more beautiful in person than in the magazines. I won’t lie and say this is my dream car (because I have a secret crush on the 599GTO), but it definitely moved  up a couple spots on my favorite rides list. 

Next up, was the 458 Speciale which immediately caught my attention.  

Why did it command some much attention? Why was is so immediately striking, with its aggressive angles and mean look. Well simple. It looks like it wants to absolutely kill you. It looks like it wants your head on a silver platter, no mercy…no chances.

  Then the LaFerrari.

 No lie, I thought the LaFerrari was the least beautiful of the holy trinity, until I got to see it in person. I don’t know what struck me first. It was either the fact that this costs more than my net worth, times 50 or it’s beauty. I’d so more of the former than the latter, but still, this is a beauty.

Other honorable mentions in this post were a couple of F430s, a 360 Spyder, which accounts for half of my first racing game and Playstion 2 experience, a couple of Californias, the FF which has been renamed to GTC4Lusso, and a classic 348. When I was done drooling, I was amazed that I had the opportunity to stand next millions of dollars of Italian engineering and design. Here’s a couple more pics for you.



And this was my personal favorite picture .

Sure Ferraris are known for mind numbing performance, breath-taking classic cars, and a beauty known to owners and enthusiasts alike, but the true beauty is found when you have a face-to-face encounter with one. The Ferrari name plate is a legendary one, no doubt. I am truly grateful for the time I got to spend drooling over these rides and a new appreciation was created this day. From the 348 to the LaFerrari, Ferrari has always and will probably continue to make truly beautiful cars. 


Thank you to Foreign Cars Italia for allowing me to stroll through the sales floor and view these beautiful cars. 



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