2017 Toyota 86: The Short Throw

Tell me something. What sense did it make, to produce the FR-S as a Scion? Maybe it is just me, but Scion was never the automaker that Toyota intended it to be. I mean, an automaker that was geared towards a younger generation, was more popular with people in their mid 30’s. So the FR-S was a general waste of time with maintaining the Scion brand. So…with the death of Scion, the FR-S is being retained by the Toyota brand and renamed, the 86. Something they should have done from jump.

The 86, pronounced “eight-six”, is basically a mildly restyled FR-S. The nameplate comes from the AE86 that is a drifting monster, with appropriate tuning. The design makes the 86 look more aggressive and gives it a wider stance. Other than that, the 86’s headlights are redesigned and it will feature some different wheel options. Engine wise, it is still powered by the 2.0L four that produces 205HP and 156lbs-ft of torque which is slightly higher than before. Other upgrades include an upgraded suspension for better handling feel and new gear ratios for better performance. It will be officially revealed at the New York Auto Show, and scheduled for release this fall.

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To me, the 86 should have been a Toyota instead of a Scion. It was kind of a waste considering the fact that, the FR-S was the only claim to fame for the I’ll-fated brand. The only remaining gripes the remain for the “new” 86, is the underpowered engine. In the days of forced induction for the most basic of cars, maybe a single turbo could give the 86 the power it needs. It’s almost imperative just because this is Toyota’s (as a brand, not company) first crack at the sports car market, since retiring the Supra, Celica and MRS/2. This on me could reopen the door for Japanese muscle and invigorate Toyota’s taste for sports cars. 




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