A Letter to Toyota: Why Not Keep the tC?

Dear Toyota Motor Company, 

There really isn’t too much to say about the Scion tC. I personally liked it because it was the spiritual successor to the Celica, which right now I’m trying to revive a 86 Celica GTS. It offered a fun ride for not only the Scion brand but the Toyota company as well. Sure it had a couple short comings like styling for the 2nd gen and front wheel drive but it was meant to be a sport compact to fill a void that until recently was filled. Of course the FRS, now he 86, fills the void a lot better than the tC could ever but let’s think about this seriously. 

Your looking to keep the iA (Yaris iA) and iM (Corolla iM) which are basically, a four door Yaris and a five door Corolla hatch. Here’s the issue. A Yaris sedan may be practical, but boring and do y’all remember what eventually happened with the Matrix during its stay in dealerships? So it makes more sense to bring in two cars that, while practical, might not create the success that you are looking for? I think not. 

To end this letter, forget about the iM and iA. Bring the tC to the Toyota brand as the Celica, which revives an older nameplate, but brings the “sporty image” back to Toyota products. You never know, the success of the tC (Celica) and the 86 might justify a return for the Supra! The iA and iM only justify [insert what here]. Carry over the tC as a Celica and keep it moving.


MJ Walcott


The Car Files: Thoughts of an Enthusiast



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