ZL1 Camaro: #zl1six

As with other auto shows, New York is a stage in which automakers drop some of their newest production and concept vehicles. Chevrolet may have not shocked the world with the unveiling of the ZL1 CamaroSix, but they managed to shock the world with what the new one brings. It’s main competition is the Challenger Hellcat which is a monster in its own right, so the question is…will the ZL1Six be able to dominate the kitty? Let’s find out.   

The new ZL1 features a 640HP, 650lbs-ft of torque, Supercharged 6.2L V8 LT4 from the Corvette Z06, which is a 60HP and 84lbs-ft of torque, increase over the last ten model, but is 67 less horsepower than the Hellcat. That may seem problematic at first but the new ZL1 is 200lbs less than the last gen, which means roughly 500lbs less than the Hellcat, so maybe that with make up for the horsepower deficit (thank the alpha platform). The ZL1 comes with either a six-speed rev matching manual or a 10-speed automatic which is meant to optimize acceleration out of corners with a 7.39 ratio. 

Of course, you get Brembo brakes with massive 15.4 front rotors that are larger than the Corvette. You also get a ZL1 that is ready to burn up the track with 11 heat exchangers for powers rain cooling, which are standard. You also got an electronically controlled LSD, magnetorheological dampers and other goodies sourced from the Corvette. The ZL1 is essentially, a Corvette Z06, with a backseat for less than $100k.

This has to be the most aggressive looking Camaro I’ve ever seen. Here’s the best thing about it’s Freddie Kruger looks…they are functional for the most part. Most of the aggressive body add-ons are for aerodynamics, heat extraction and stability. 

Along with all the new stuff, you still get the Perormance Data Recorder which comes with a camera and an onboard gps for your maps for the racetracks. Recaro seats, micro suede and plenty of ZL1 badges to boot.

The new ZL1 will probably start north of $60k and be coming in late 2016. With the Mustang GT350 at 526HP and Hellcat at 707, the ZL1 is in the middle of the pack but a threat to both. I mean, doesn’t an underdog come out to be top dog?




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