The Importance of the Tesla Model 3

So today, all of the hype surrounding the Tesla Model 3, will come to an end. The Model 3 is supposed to introduce the words first all electric luxury car, that the average person can afford. The Model 3 will run for about $40k and it is arguably the one car that can push Tesla past the limits of the sky or set them back several years. Let’s also mention that the Model 3 with face competition from the Chevy Bolt, in terms of affordability and efficiency. So why is the Model 3 so important? It’s quite simple.

The pricing for the Model 3 is supposed to be around $35k and offer a longer range than other cars in the price range and category, meaning the i3 and Leaf. What do I mean by offer? I really actually mean, the Model 3, doubles the range in the 200’s range. At that price point, other rivals, i.e. Germany, will probably have to step their game up. If the Model 3 is somewhere in the A4, 3/4 Series and C-Class category, then they might have to offer some electric models to compete. That will be the case, especially if the Model 3 can be equipped with Ludicrous mode. But that’s the next question…what will come on the Model 3?

We have to assume that the the $35k Model 3, might not come with Ludicrous mode from launch. That means, we probably won’t see AWD, higher powered batteries, and other performance options, until later on in the Model 3’s life. Until the Model 3 gets released, we won’t know what comes standard but that won’t take away from the fact that the Model 3 will be Tesla’s most important car. 

The Model 3 also opens up doors for Tesla to expand its lineup. With the Model S and Model X both on the higher end of the range, the Model 3 opens doors to a smaller Crossover based on the Model X. They could also build a coupe version of the Model 3, which will put the car into competition with its German rivals. On the other side of things, a Model S coupe, the return of the Roadster and a super Tesla wouldn’t be bad additions as well. 

All in all, in a few short hours we will finally see the future of Tesla, in its Model 3 car. While speculation is still large and knowledge is still relatively small, we can all say we are awaiting the Model 3. As soon as the Model 3 is revealed, The Car Files will have the information on the mysterious Tesla. Stay tuned.


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