Some of the Worst of the Worst On Edmunds 100 Worst List

So I looked at Edmunds 100 Worst Cars of all time list and you know what result came from that. While all of the cars on that list aren’t necessarily bad, there are a lot of cars that should have remained on the drawing board. So this list is of some of the “worst of the worst” on Edmunds list. Feel free to drop your opinions on the comments section below, whether you agree or not.

Seeing as there were plenty of crappy cars on that list, here’s the ones that stuck out to me.

82 Camaro Sport Coupe


First of all, this would be the spiritual predecessor to the new four cylinder powered Camaro Six, but it doesn’t even hold a candle to it. The 2.5L Iron Duke was about as good, as…maybe good was the wrong word choice. This engine was pure garbage and when it was put into the Camaro, it’s surprising that it even saw a 6th generation. The engineers at GM probably thought “hey, let’s drop the Iron Duke in the Camaro and advertise it as ‘Sporty’!” Good job fellas…good freakin job.

Rolls-Royce Camargue


This was the Wraith before the Wraith. Unfortunately, the Camargue was too heavy, overly expensive and looked like Rolls Royce decided that a Rolls Royce should look like a Lincoln instead of a Rolls Royce. Thank goodness they got the Wraith right, but unlike its successor, the Camargue did it all wrong. And for over $200k at the time (which is north of $500k now), the Camargue was as pointless and crappy as Daewoo’s failed US campaign.

Aston Martin Cygnet


This is James Bond’s car that he only uses when he is trying to look extremely inconspicuous. Of course, he could have owned a Scion iQ, which would have saved him some money and look just as dumb. $37k for a iQ/Cygnet? I’ll just buy a FRS or something, that way I could explain why to my spy buddies without getting laughed at.



I’ve been waiting to talk trash about this one for the longest. A Yugo can’t beat walking. Why? Because you will probably be pushing it. Plagued with issues, the Yugo GV wasn’t such a great value. It was cheap but, it’s kinda like buying off-brand parts for your car. You might be pushing it alongside of the Yugo. Atleast, the Yugo could keep your hands warm in the process.

Pontiac Aztek


Speaks for itself. While owners might disagree, the Aztek is consistently known as a “worst car.” Maybe because the body cladding and odd ball design contributed to the status it recieved. Granted the Aztek was one of the first vehicles under the “crossover” or “cuv” designation, but that doesn’t mean it gets cut slack. 

Daewoo Nubria


Daewoo…does anybody remember them? Korean car company? Nope…I thought so. The Nubria was as prominent in the U.S. as…actually Daewoo as a whole had no weight stateside. And the Nubria didn’t do too much to help the situation.



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