The #CamaroSix [Update]

50 Years…does that count the near 8 year hiatus?


Well that’s all beside the point. The 2016 Camaro looks similar to the 2010 model but oh so different. I like how Chevy designed the new model. To me it’s better looking than the Mustang and that is a statement considering the 2015 Mustang. The outside features less sharp lines and is more curvaceous and rounded. According to a couple sources, the Camaro is a bit smaller but the precense is undeniable. Why is it smaller? Its built on the same platform as the ATS, but is its own take on the platform.

The interior is updated and looks like it is ready for the future. The massive touch screen dominates the inside, the door sill plates let you know that you are stepping into classic American Muscle. The insides take ques from the Corvette seeing as the majority of the buttons are inline under the screen. The SS model has the two S’s stitched into the seat and the vents in the center seem to double as A/C controls. Flat bottom steering wheel…check. Push button start…check check.


The biggest switch of all has got to be the engine choices. For the first time since the 80s, a 2.0L Turbo four cylinder will be available as an option. The carry over 3.6L V6 is available and the SS features a 455HP 6.2L LT1 V8 which would make it the most powerful SS to date. Of course this would mean that the 6th gen 1LE, ZL-1, Z/28 and COPO models will end up raising the muscle bar further.


Main Competition: Of course the Mustang. The 2015 model is already out and I can only imagine the comparos that everybody is waiting on. Only time will tell the those Mopar boys are cooking up. The Camaro might invade Europe and Japan as well.

I believe that the 2016 Camaro and is ready to unseat the Mustang as the number one muscle car. So long as GM doesn’t under deliver. Between the 4 banger model to the SS model and beyond, the Camaro is here and ready to takeover.



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