2016 Camaro SS: The Short Throw

Well, the first slew of reports about the new Camaro seem to be giving praise to the new design. The new Alpha platform seems to be admired, by the fortunate people who have been able to drive them. This new generation, the sixth to be exact, makes the Camaro seem a step above the previous, with some people dubbing it “a four seat Corvette.” Well, I can’t say if that’s a stretch but it is a complement.


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The new Alpha platform is smaller and lighter than the previous generation. Combine the sophisticated architecture with the epic LT-1 V8 churning out 455 horses and you create a Camaro that is not too far off of the super Corvette, the Z06. Critics also say the handling has hasty improved, through the use of Brembo brakes and Magnetic Ride Control. It is starting to seem like, we either have a new era of muscle car or the Camaro has upgraded to a European fighting sports car, that has the edge of American Muscle. If all else fails, the Mustang might get put in the stable this time.


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One can only imagine what a ZL-1 or Z-28 CamaroSix will be able to accomplish. Then we still have the 1LE and the tuning models. Hennessey might have something brewing and they are only one of many. This Maybe it is a four seat Vette. That might actually be good for some people due to “family vehicle seating requirements.” Long story short, you can now justify to your wife, why the Camaro is a good value. Its a muscle car, sports car and it has four seats, making it a family car. That would probably work, until the test drive. We all can dream, right?


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