Farewell…Dodge Viper

Of all the shaking up FCA, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles for those that don’t know, is doing over at Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram, they not only assainate the SRT brand, which is agreeable, but could, with the help of the pigs at the UAW, United Auto Workers Union for those that don’t know, murder the newly revived and monstrous Viper. The Viper? Yes…the Viper. Considering the fact that hell hasn’t froze over and world government hasn’t collapsed, I’ll actually say the good and bad about the death of the mighty Viper.


WARNING: THIS POST MAY FEATURE HEAVY USAGE OF UAW AND FCA. READER BEWARE…Now for your regularly scheduled programming.

The UAW and FCA are set to vote on a new contract which includes a list of the vehicles of FCA with no replacement for the Viper. This contract would close the Conner Avenue plant where the Viper has been built since its introduction.

The bad part about this ordeal is the fact that the Viper is probably getting its head cut off this time. The Viper is not only one of the world’s most iconic supercars in the world, but it’s is legendary stateside. Enthusiasts will probably miss the roar of the beastly V10 and the unique side exit exhausts. The Viper is one of the few remaining naturally aspirated Supercars in the world and hasn’t seen a production turbocharger like many automakers are shifting towards.


Why the Viper though? Simple. Towards the end of it’s original run, sales were slow resulting in the final 20 models. It’s revival, while completely adored by the masses, didn’t show any type of sales increase. This slump has even resulted in a $15k price drop from the $100k original price tag. Not only a price drop equivalent of a new base model Nissan Versa, but the best thing for any unemployment office, layoffs due to the lack of sales. It’s also seems as if FCA isn’t trying to deal in supercars, with end of the relationship with Ferrari. We can also add the Hellcat Charger, which devours the competition and makes the bite of the Viper equivalent of…hmmm…let’s say a newborn child.

The good part is…
[This place is intentionally left blank.]

The Viper should have some type of replacement. Maybe FCA should set the Viper up, like Bentley did with the Continental GT and offer the Hellcat 6.2L Hemi. It would be different, definitely, but the lighter weight and performance oriented build of the Viper could result in something marvelous. If all else fails, Fast and/or Furious and/or Fast and Furious 7 is coming out by the end of the Viper’s run. Maybe a last hurrah is in order for the snake. As much as we don’t want to see the end, it’s potentially near.


What about a potential replacement?
[___________________]. What can actually replace the Viper. The Hellcat Challenger and Charger is inching to the end by the end of the decade. Don’t even think a twin-turbo V6 would power the replacement Viper. That’s like the 6.2L Hemi in a Dart.

All I know is, if the Viper cannot hang around, FCA is going to need some type of supercar. They probably won’t die without one, but it probably would help especially with Dodge as the performance brand. The Hellcat is on a time limit and SRT is going to be on a major diet. Dropping the Viper Will definitely be a very depressing moment but I guess killing the Viper is a necessary evil, a completely devastating, tragic and demoralizing evil.



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