6 Cars the World Wants

Here’s a list of the cars, I believe we have all been wanting. While there are a lot out there, these are just a few that, we all can agree, need to be made. So here goes, six cars the world wants.

Dodge Dart SRT4


Simple, the Dart is the replacement for the Neon. A SRT-4 model will put the Dart and Dodge in a perfect position to compete in the sport compact market and that would help the hit that FCA took with their 500,000 recalled SUV, Christmas gift. Add an AWD drivetrain and a smidge over 325HP and the Focus RS and Impreza WRX STi have something to worry about.

SRT/Hellcat Ram


Seeing as the Hellcat engine is most likely to see the giant junkyard in the sky, why not slap it in a Ram? While your at  it and seeing as the Viper is facing the same fate, why not give us a SRT-10 Ram for he last time? FCA is looking to restructure the divisions to be more focused on their specific markets and bigger, more performance oriented models are going to be scarce. So as a last hurrah, the Ram should get a Hellcat engine and a Viper V10 before CAFE standards take affect.

Porsche Mission-E


As far as I’m concerned, the Porsche Mission-E is a Tesla Model S killer, it’s beautiful and features some amazing technology which makes the Model S, subpar in comparison. Of course, some of the concept’s features might not see production, but whenever Porshce jumps on an ambitious project, they deliver (918 Spyder anyone?). Speaking of which, with the successful development of the 918, the Mission-E will most likely, be a hot seller and a culmination of lessons learned from the 918, unless they decide to make new mistakes and charge a ungodly amount of money for the car.

Toyota Supra


Not the FT-1. We want a Supra. The best thing that Toyota has performance wise, is the GT86/FR-S and it still can’t fit the void that the Supra left. Even better than that, Toyota could just remake the Supra in its last form, with updated features and options and it would probably be the car to release Toyota from it’s status as a automaker of boring cars. This one needs no hybrid additives either…just a updated version of a 2Jz.

Volkswagen Bus


VW needs a miracle and the last attempt at a van, was the Grand Carav…err Routan. The Bus was loved during its run and still has a large sense of nostalgia. A new version of the Bus might cast a major shadow over the scandal and prevent them from having to sell a couple of it’s premier companies. As long as a TDI diesel model doesn’t have the cheat ware, the comeback of the Bus would be the best move for the German automaker.

Honda S2000


 To me it, other than the hyped up versions of the Civic and the classic NSX, the S2000 was the only true sports car offering from Honda. Now before you get ready to write some hateful comment, that statement doesn’t included Acura. Anyway, a revamped S2000 would be a perfect complement to the Civic Si/Type-R and would be a cooler alternative to the Miata or MX-5. The S600 is not a good enough replacement for the S2000 because, it is not really a sports oriented ride, the S2000 was just too cool. A coupe or hatch would also be welcome Honda…just saying.


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