Favorite GTA V Cars [Updated]

[UPDATE: So now that I use GTA Online, I have to add a few cars to this list. The funny part about it is that I did this list before I could go online]

With this blog being about cars, I have the free range to talk about everything from auto shows to video games so long as it pertains to cars. So here’s another “ten list” of my favorite GTA cars. This list will be from GTA V so the others may have to wait for a list to develop. Also, feel free to comment your favorite GTA V rides, I am always open to comments. Well, here we go.

1. Pegassi Infernus
GTA’s Lamborghini Aventador


2. Enus Windsor
GTA’s Rolls Royce Wraith


3. Truffade Adder
GTA’s Bugatti Veyron


4. Cheval Fugitive
GTA’s Chevy SS


5. Bravado Banshee
GTA’s SRT Viper


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6. Bravado Gauntlet
GTA’s Challenger/Camaro hybrid


7. Vapid Sandking XL
GTA’s Ford Super Duty


8. Pfister Comet
GTA’s Porsche 911 GT2


9. Invetero Coquette
GTA’s Chevy Corvette Stingray


10. Obey 9F
GTA’s Audi R8


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11. HVY Insurgent

GTA’s Conquest Vehicles Knight XV

12. Pegassi Zentoro

GTA’s Lamborghini Veneno

13.  Progen T20

GTA’s McLaren P1

14. Albany Cavalcade 2nd Generation

GTA’s Cadillac Esclade (2007-2015)

15. Declasse Vigero

GTA’s ’66 Chevrolet Camaro SS

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Photo Credit: gta.wikia.com and gta5car.com


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