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As we all know, the Veyron has reached retirment. While that is a very sad thing, we all know that something else is en route. The scary part is the question. What? Keep reading.

We all know the Veyron held the title of worlds fastest car on two separate occasions. The first was the original Veyron which reached 253 mph. The second was the controversial Super Sport which was LIMITED to 258 mph, to prevent the tires from disintegrating and the five model world record edition, which raised the bar to 267 mph. It was even capable of 269 mph, with a fearless Bugatti test driver behind the wheel. Even the open-top, Grand Sport Vitesse, reached 254 mph. So after that reading of the stat book, how do you beat that? How do you make a monster, comparable to the Veyron? How can you beat King Kong? By giving King Kong some steroids.

For the sake of not having to say “the Veyron’s replacement”, the rumoured name is Chiron, so that’s what we will call this, King Kong with “roid rage.” The Chiron is rumoured add 300HP to the monster 8.0L W16, for a total of 1500HP and an unchanged 1106lbs-ft of torque. How? The use of electric turbos. No…not the eBay kits, true electric turbochargers which work in sync with the existing turbos. This development suggests a few things. One, the Chiron could be an electric hypercar, joining the likes of the 918 Spyder and McLaren P1. Two, it could destroy the existing electric hypercar competition with these monster stats. It is reported that Bugatti is aiming to go 0-60 in two seconds flat. Which murders the 918 and the P1 by .2 and .7 seconds respectively.

The details are still sketchy and most of the info I have is just what I’ve seen from several sources on the internet. We can only imagine what Bugatti is going to do with the Chiron. It is supposed to be launched in 2016 but we will not know until it is official. Until then, here is the link to the teaser video. The Chiron is definitely not silent, but completely deadly.

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