All-Time Favorite NFS Games

Due to the fact that’s lists are so cool, I figured if jump on the bandwagon. I’ll give y’all a short one today. Favorite games from the Need For Speed series. I know, I know…some of the original games aren’t going to be on this list but I started really playing racing games when Hot Pursuit 2 was out. Anyway, here’s your list, and if you have some input, you can comment, reply, fly a kite, it doesn’t matter.

5. The Run


The only reason that this one makes the list is because other than GTA5, this was one of the only games I ever preordered. Also, the supporting cast of the Aventador and the Camaro ZL-1 and the concept of race across the U.S. in dramatic theatrical fashion was another.

4. Underground 2


I’ll have to admit, I never really was the biggest Underground 2 fan. What killed it for me was the final boss race. I’m thinking…”I’m going to need a Mustang or Skyline to even run with this guy.” After all of the racing, photoshoots and time spent at the custom shops and dyno, the 240SX, in its detuned state, walked this guy. So you mean to tell me, the final boss was easier than any other race in the game.

3. Pro-Street


Ok…so maybe I didn’t like being called Ryan Cooper. However, there were a lot of things I liked. I liked the speed challenge and my special built Murcielago. Drag Racing and somehow getting a Zonda to do an insane wheelie. I also liked the idea behind the touring which was emulated by Forza Horizon. So while my name was not and will never not be Ryan Cooper, Pro-Street will be a favorite.

2. Most Wanted 2005


How did one of the most electrifying games in the NFS series not reach number one. I mean epic cop chases, physics that played to and against you advatage, the blacklist, SGT. Cross and Mia? Simple, the M3 GTR is not the world’s greatest car known to man like Most Wanted made it out to be.

1. Hot Pursuit 2/2010


The reason why this is the best out of the Need For Speed series is much simpler when compared to the reason why Most Wanted was number two. Hot Pursuit 2 was my first experience with racing games. It features my dream exotic car. Also add in that the Pursuits were awesome considering the fact that these were the Xbox and PS2 times.


Hot Pursuit 2010 not only re-innovated the series after the tradegic Carbon and Undercover but it brought the series to the next era. Besides what can beat drifting a Veyron Grand Sport around corners at or around 180 mph…doing the same in Veyron Super Sport.


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