Juke R 2.0: Thanks

Nissan has just moved up on my favorite automakers list. Unlike most automakers, not only has Nissan built an epic crossover SUV but they are going to apply the same insanity to the newest iteration. The 2.0 to be exact.


In 2012, six Nissan Juke R’s were built. The critics loved the idea of a GTR powered Juke. The stat book was pretty awesome. 545HP, 3.8L twin-turbo, AWD monster. It was the spawn of Godzilla and NISMO. The price tag was just as bonkers as the Juke R itself. $590k if you wanted one of the first six examples. Should you have $590k and have a spot in the garage you want to fill, you might be in luck.

Nissan recently announced that they plan to make a limited production run of the Juke R 2.0. This one will feature the same mashup of the mini-crossover Juke and Godzilla, the GTR. This one also has roughly 600HP which is probably the sole modification to the 2.0 outside of a few cosmetic details.

As one would imagine, the pricing should eclipse the half million dollar mark and the Juke R 2.0’s production run could be up to 17 or so copies. They could stretch the run out and just produce another six copies of this latest version.


Personally, I don’t really like the styling of the Juke. Of course, the NISMO edition looked pretty cool but the major attraction to this monster is the GTR drivetrain. 600HP in this fly-weight is what pushes this ride to a level that most SUVs haven’t seen. This could actually could be considered a supercar of sorts. Let’s face it, it could probably run with the likes of Lamborghini and Ferarri. I think that the Juke R is one of the greatest ideas known to the automakers.

That’s why I say Nissan has moved up my favorite automakers list. They took an insane idea, put it in the oven on broil and then took it out. Surely, the Juke R 2.0 is going to grace the covers of magazines when it finally returns with another 50+ horses. Besides, this is the closest we will get to a four door GTR. I guess this one, is worth the wait.



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