Engine Sharing Exotics

So I found through my research…

Umm…wait a minute. I did research? I barely like to do research for research papers, let alone for anything. Most of the content on my blog is theory based, meaning I mainly write my posts based on my thoughts and opinion. So if I do some research for a post, I must really enjoy what I do.

Anyway, the post is about some cars, not my research habits.

Well, there are two types, er, categories of the everyday car. The cars that are everywhere. If the roads of America were like a zombie outbreak, the Camrys, Mustangs, Caravans, Tahoes, and Civics (just to name a few) would be the zombies while the other category would be the last surviving humans. Category number two are the automatic attention getters. These cars are driven by the people who could afford full coverage insurance comparable to a small mortgage. I’m talking about Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and even some of the rare odities like TVR. Just for the record, I saw a TVR at a gas station before, in a small town.

These cars are so different yet some of them share components. Some share a button for the winshield wipers others share headlights. The funniest sharing occurs when average Joe cars donate or share an engine with more high-end, rare or exotic cars. Luckily for the readers, I have compiled a list of ten cars that share engines.

***DISCLAIMER***. The cars on the list share engines. This does not mean you can do an engine swap and all of a sudden make your Crown Vic into a Koenigsegg. Basically, this post explains how car X and car Y have the same engine. The difference is that car Y has a highly modified or very similar version of the engine in car X. This list may shock you.

1. Lotus Elise/Exige, Toyota Corolla
1.8L Inline l4

Yes, your Elise or Exige is powered by an Engine derived from a Corrolla. In other words, your Lotus is a boring econobox with an elevated fun and cool factor.

2. Lotus Evora, Toyota Camry
3.5L V6


And, while your fun Elise is powered by the boring Corolla, your Evora kicks up the fun factor a little more by using the 3.5L V6 out of a Camry SE. All we need now is Toyota to borrow Lotus technology to a MR-2.

3. Noble M600, Volvo S80
4.4L Yamaha V8


Ironically, one of the world’s safest cars and one of the world’s most unsafe cars use the same engine. The Yamaha V8 powers the S80 and the ABSless M600. The next one seems even more ironic.

4. Shelby Series I, Oldsmobile Aurora
4.0L Northstar V8


Now Shelby normally works with Ford. This Shelby not only uses GM parts but it is powered by a Northstar V8. What? The Shelby Series I is powered by a 4.0L Northstar V8 sans FWD and plus a added 70 horses.

5. Koenigsegg CC, Ford Mustang Cobra
Ford Modular V8


On a technicality, the original Koenigsegg engines were sourced from the Ford Modular V8 family. Long story short, the CC8S and Mustang Cobra have a mechanically similar engine. The CC8S has a 4.7L Modular V8 and the Mustang, a 4.6L. Funny huh?

6. Bugatti Veyron, W8 Passat
W16= x4-VR4 or x2-W8=2-VR4


It’s a very complicated formula. Maybe in another post I could break this down. Y’all would either stop reading this post or be just as lost as I would be trying to explain this.

7. Dodge Viper RT/10, Dodge Ram
8.0L Magnum V10


The Viper engine is a V10. That same V10 can be found is some Dodge Ram 2500s. So in other words, you could find one of these Rams and make an early edition of the SRT10 Ram. Because Viper truck.

8. McLaren F1, BMW 750
6.1L S70/2 BMW V12


The legendary McLaren F1. Highest top speed record holder for so many years. It’s is powered by a BMW engine. The engine is based off of the E32 750i, which when it was McLarenized produced one of the world’s fastest cars. It was natuarally aspirated too.

9. Pagani Zonda C12, SL73
7.3L AMG V12


Its no secret that Mercedes provides the engine for the Zonda. So to make this long story short. If you are lucky enough to find a SL73 Benz, you have a Zonda for a lot less money. So…where do I find one.

10. Ford GT, Lincoln Navigator
5.4L Modular V8


Not saying that the Navigator and the GT literally have the same engine. Yes, the displacement is the same but the power for the GT was further amplified by the Supercharger. However, you could take the Navigators 5.4 and do some extensive modification. Of course, where would you put it after the build.

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