Another “Hyper” Lambo

Well, according to the internet, Lamborghini is planning another hypercar. Really. According to a previous post I made on this blog:

“A hypercar is the elite level of a supercar. Whether it uses a quad turbo W16 or four electric motors, a Hypercar is built to out perform any competition. Some are much more efficient than others in terms of fuel economy, others produce astronomic horsepower numbers”.

With that being said, how does adding an overly excessive body kit and bumping the horsepower up by 50 or 60HP, qualify to be considered a hypercar.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Lamborghinis. My all time favorite is the Murcielago, more specifically, the LP670-4 Super-Veloce. I also love the Diablo 6.0 VT, Sesto-Elemento, Aventador, Reventon and even the long in the tooth, Countach. I just don’t agree with calling the Reventon and Veneno hypercars. Its like calling a Honda Civic with a body-kit a tuner. That’s just a Honda Civic with a body-kit, all known as a ricer. Now, before JDM/Import lovers start trolling my blog, I know the difference between a Tuner and a Ricer, but that is Another post, for another time.

The Reventon and Veneno are just gussied up versions of the Murcielago and Reventon respectively. People will still buy them, but on a technicality they aren’t hypercars by my definition. Keep that in mind. I think Lamborghini could do a lot more with a hypercar than they have in the past. The Sesto-Elemento and Murcielago LP-670-4 SV were the best and probably closest to hypercar status, and that was based off of the reviews Richard Hammond did on Top Gear.


In my opinion, there’s no way that adding a few horsepower and a body kit doesn’t make a hypercar. Now, here’s my idea on what Lambo could do.

Take the SV Aventador and boost the engine. I think building a car that is over 1000HP can’t be too much to ask for. Lamborghini could also team up with Tesla and develop a hybrid drive train to combine with the Hurracan V10. Create and develop an advanced suspension and drive train capable of handling what this bull would be able to dish out. Of course, limited availability with only a limited amount of cars produced. Million dollar price tag and the styling in-line with current Lambos. Then you would have a more realistic hypercar.

I could go on and on about what can be done with but should this new “hyper” Lambo be actaully a hypercar then something needs to be done a little differently in order to produce a hypercar. In that same breath, don’t all of those Lambos sell. I mean why change a formula that works. Well that’s simple. I think Lamborghini needs to really show us what they can really do with their cars, should they feel like it. Not to mention: Because…LaFerrari That’s all that can be said about that.


As for this post as a whole, be on the lookout for a new hyper-exclusive Lamborghini to show up on the web on the next few weeks. Either way and regardless of opinion, a “hyper” Lambo is always a thrill to see. Who knows? We might even see a real hypercar from the boys from Italia.


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