Porsche Mission E: The German Model S Fighter

CAFE has all of these automakers scared. Just thought I should mention.


Porsche is planning on making a Tesla Model S fighter. Revealed at the IAA at Franfurt, it’s name, at least in the concept form, is the Mission-E. The Mission-E is built to be Porsche’s first four seat, all electric sports car and by the looks of it, they have done it right. Over 600 horses, all wheel drive and steering, a sports car pedigree (which translates to 0-62mph times under 3.5 seconds and 0-100, real quick, under 12), all electric power, and a rather, beautiful, design.

If that wasn’t a glimpse into what the Mission-E is about, then here’s some more info. The battery is supposed to reach an 80% charge is roughly 15 minutes and it’s supposed to run the Nurburgring in under 8 seconds. It is built using familiar to Porsche materials and if you are trying to conserve energy, 500km or 311 miles. The electric motors are Le-Mans inspired, using a first in the industry, 800 Volt setup which allows for less weight and quicker charge times.


My favorite part of the Mission-E has to be the interior. It is a very clean looking space and knowing Porsche, features high end materials. It as clean as it is innovative. The Mission-E features numerous technology such as an eye tracking system and a holographic display. It even features a camera in the rear view mirror that can detect the drivers mood. I don’t know what purpose that serves but it is a pretty nice touch to have.

In opinion, the Mission-E, pending name change, is probably the only competition, let me rephrase that, direct competition to the Model S. The Model S has already made some major achievements and the Mission-E is aiming to make its name. I’d even say that the Mission-E could actually edge out the Model S. Porsche is already making the claims and if the 918 Spyder is ANY indication of what Porsche can do, if they wanted too, the Mission-E will make some noise. The only things I would worry about is price and not delivering some of these ultra advanced features. Then again, this is Porsche.


At the end of the day, Porsche is making huge claims and like the Rolls Royce Cullinan, which was the topic of my last post, it needs to back them up. The Mission-E needs a name change though. The name sounds cool, but is only cool for the concept. I think a play on the Panamera or even an alpha-numerical name could work. Should Porsche build it, I’d say it would get released in 2018 like a lot of other new cars, or by 2020, just in time for the new CAFE standards to take effect. Until then, enjoy the video below.

Concept Study: Mission E- Tribute to tomorrow


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