2016 Buick Cascada: The Short Throw

I think the last convertible Buick, was a Buick Reatta. Unlike the Reatta, the Cascada is actually supposed to be good.


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Long story short, the Cascada is a Opel with a Buick suit on. Powered by a 1.6L turbo four paired with a 6 speed automatic transmission, the Cascada is meant to provide a fun, sporty experience. This would actually extend the “That’s a Buick?” trend/campaign and seeing as the Cascada comes in at a lower price point, this may be the perfect replacement for the Reatta.


Unlike the past, the Cascada features properly done technology and it’s base 1SV trim level comes with plenty of technology (touchscreen infotainment system, leather, navigation etc and much more), only to be trumped by the Premium trim which adds a load of driver safety features.

Look out for the Reatta Remix, 2016 Cascada, sometime next year with a price starting at an incredibly low, considering that we are talking about a luxury convertible, $33,990 and expect it to reach a number near $38,000.


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