2016 Tesla Model X: The Short Throw

This week’s The Short Throw is about a crossover that has graced my blog a few times. If you haven’t read the title, I’m refering to the Tesla Model X which is probably one of the baddest vehicles of year. 3.2 0-60 time from a 5000+ pound Crossover is epic…its just too bad.


“Too bad?” Well, yes too bad. Simple fact of the matter is that, the Model X, in all of its innovative, engineering allure has one problem. Only 6 people, including a one, Elon Musk, own them after the September 29th release. If your still not getting the “too bad” part I’m going to, you know, fill you in.

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With only six people currently owning a Model X, not only our chances of owning one are extremely slim, but the people who already put down deposits have to wait to “be contacted in order of your reservation…” Tesla is supposed to be releasing more, sometime in 2016, but won’t tell us how many. At $80k to $140k a pop and the fact that this vehicle might be worth the wait, I still don’t think prospective owners are loving an undefined wait time, for their Model X. I mean, I don’t want to wait for a $800 phone, let alone a $100k SUV. Them Falcon doors tho…




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