2015 in Review

Here we are. The final day of 2015. I hope that everyone has had a great year and wish the best of fortune in 2016. With all of that said and with 2016 looming on a little over 12 and some change hours, I’m going to join the “2015 in Review” band wagon and say just a few short things about 2015.


2015 has been the ugliest, most beautiful year for the automotive world in recent memory. Why would I say that like that? Simple. There have been ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies and lastly, fails, epic fails, and ultra-epic fails. Automakers have shown us what they can do with their arsenal of vehicles and money at their disposal and while some have reached pinnacles in greatness, others have reached pinnacles in fail. So, here’s a few topics that have graced the pages of not only The Car Files, but the endless bounds of the world. But, instead of giving a long, time consuming synopsis of everything I’m going to keep it short and sweet.


  1. The Bugatti Veryon retires; The Chiron seeks the throne.
  2. #CamaroSix turns up on the competition.
  3. #Dieselgate is the German #Deflategate
  4. Lamborghini decides to build the Urus.
  5. The Bentayga goes 187mph.
  6. The Devel Sixteen is not a complete lie.
  7. The ATS-V and CTS-V fight German superiority.
  8. The Holy Trinity- 918, P1, LaFerrari
  9. Farewell to the mighty Dodge Viper.
  10. Hellcats devour the competition.
  11. The C7 Z06 makes the C6 Z06 look irrelevant.
  12. The NSX is back with electricity!
  13. FCA’s big plans and bigger recalls.
  14. Speaking of “recalls”, Takata airbags anyone?
  15. The Mission-E takes on the Model S
  16. No “Fat Cowboy Trucks” from Mercedes.
  17. Ford GT with twin turbo Ecoboost.

So looking forward, at least for the Blog, I have a few thinks planned which starts at the first of the year. Let me also add that, the url for The Car Files, is thecarfiles.com and now we are getting somewhere. Don’t forget to like, share, follow or whatever, The Car Files on Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, Google+ and Twitter just to keep up with my blog. There are also a few more new things coming, but I’m going to reveal these in 2016.
See ya next year!!!! Happy New Year!!!!

Yours Truly,

MJ Walcott

The Writer Behind The Car Files- Thoughts of an Enthusiast



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