4WD and AWD Explained

4WD vs. AWD. Another age old question about the difference.  Essentially, both have the same general function, turning all four wheels at the same time, through various means. It's basically the same system, with different means to accomplish the same goal. So in this, "'X' Explained," it will feature some more crude drawings and factual... Continue Reading →

Risky Proposition: FCA to Focus on SUVs and Trucks.

Fiat-Chrysler's CEO, Sergio Marchionne, announced last week that his company will shift their production and sales focus to SUVs and Trucks, more so than their passenger cars. If I could compare this decision to something, it would be like the fictional comic book character, Tony Stark's decision to fall away from Stark Industries focus on... Continue Reading →


Things overseas are heating up... Okay so maybe #WWIII, was a very wrong way to title this post. Even though there are human rights violations and nuclear war threats in the world today, this is a car blog. That means this blog is about cars and therefore, I need to be talking about cars. The... Continue Reading →

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