Things overseas are heating up…

Okay so maybe #WWIII, was a very wrong way to title this post. Even though there are human rights violations and nuclear war threats in the world today, this is a car blog. That means this blog is about cars and therefore, I need to be talking about cars. The funny thing about this post is that the key players mentioned have been key players in the world wars.


This #WWIII post features the world’s fastest SUVs. With Bentley looking to produce the Bentayga, Lamborghini and the Urus (pending logistics and government tax incentives), possibly Maserati and the Levante, and another possible, Aston Martin and the DBX, the race to produce the fastest SUV seems to be on.


From Britain or should I say India, we have the Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR. Probably the most formidable opponent, seeing as it’s faster than a BMW 1M Coupe on the Nurburgring.

Germany is involved as well with several different companies. Porsche brings the Cayenne Turbo and Macan Turbo. BMW brings the X5 and X6 M editions. The boys at Mercedes-Benz bring several more vehicles in the G-Class, GL-Class, GLE/ML-Class all in AMG armor. Audi brings the SQ5 and the Q7.


Across the Atlantic, Jeep brings its M1 Abrahms, in the Grand Cherokee SRT-8. In standard form, near 500HP is incredible but a Hellcat model would definitely be welcome.


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It seems like manufacturers are racing to see who can make the world’s fastest SUV. Don’t be surprised if the Japanese launch a kamikaze attack on us with offerings from Lexus or Infiniti and if Cadillac and Lincoln decided to jump in the battle. I almost forgot to mention that Bentley claims theirs will be the fastest only to get a rebuddle from Porsche. Porsche claims that theirs will be the fastest and Its only a matter of time before someone tries to raise their flag.

All I know is, that the luxury SUV challenge is on, and companies are going to have to push the limits to beat the competition. If I had to place a bet, I’d say it’s going to be between the Range Rover SVR, Urus, SRT-8 and the Cayenne Turbo, once the weeding out is complete. That doesn’t include other offerings that are unknown at the moment. I will not say who the ultimate victor is…only time and tax incentives will tell.



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